Individual Reflection - (2023)

Introduction In this report, I am going to describe my own role in helping the team to achieve its goal in relation to the group report and the practical negotiation exercise’s. Also I will provide evidence of my contribution to the cohesiveness of the group and how I facilitated the completion of the group goals. I am going to use a theoretical diagram in order to evaluate every piece of knowledge in which I have gained, after searching the internet for different diagrams and theory I found the views of Gibb’s (Gibbs, 1988).

His reflective cycle is a process involving six steps shown below, it is a 'cycle' because the action you take in the final stage will feed back into the first stage, beginning the process again: * Description – What happened? * Feelings – What are you thinking and feeling? * Evaluation – What was good and bad about the experience? * Analysis – What sense can you make of the situation? * Conclusion – What else could you have done? * Action Plan – If it arose again what would you do? (Gibbs, 1988)

Reflective Cycle (Gibbs G, 1988) Description Within this module we were provided a brief involving a real life client with a real strategic issue with which they would like assistance, The client was from a local charity organisation named, ‘The Lions Club Wallasey’, our task was to analyse and examine the different problems in which the club were facing and through a number of resource methods come up with new, modern and initiative ideas and recommendations to help aid them in improving their club.

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Our Client was the director of the Lions in Wallasey and he interacted with us as a group through a presentation with an open question format in which we gained an insight into the background and different areas of the club.

Previous to this I had no knowledge of the Lions Club both internationally and in Wallasey, however after some further research on the company I gained a much better insight on the work they carry out within the communities in which they operate, we were the set the task of composing two power-point presentations in which we would present to our tutor and the client detailing our analysis and recommendations, we then had to document our findings in a group report and then conclude with this self-reflection report. Feelings

During this module there was a great mix between both group work along with individual work, we were put into groups in order to produce and present a presentation to the class and then produce a group report along with this, From completing my group work I believe I have earned plenty of new communication skills, at the beginning of the semester I found myself a little bit more held back in order to express my opinion however working within the group, I found that I had to become more of a group leader in order to complete the tasks at hand, through the completion of this I have found the confidence to now express my issues/thoughts fully.

Through the different pieces of research in which I carried out I have found that my knowledge has been broadened into the marketing and advertising side of business. I have also developed time management skills as we were set a eadline for each of our pieces of work and I was able to input my work in order to meet these deadlines, I believe that I managed my time well and completed all the tasks on time as well as making them professional, I had to be aware of my time management within this task as I had a lot of different assignments due in for the same sort of dates, and therefore I didn’t want to lag behind in one as spending too much time doing another. I believe that I did this effectively and completed all my tasks on time. Evaluation

Within this section I am going to evaluate the good experiences I have had within this semester along with the not so good experiences, I believe by pointing out my bad experiences/ weaknesses within this topic I will be able to develop my knowledge further in the future. Below are a few of my different experiences. Good experiences Through the completion of this module my ability to work within a group has been developed and through dealing with the arising group problems I have learned more about time management. Skills developed within this subject will certainly aid me within my future presentations and individual work. * Presentation skills within Power-point were developed upon as members within my group had more knowledge of the presentation skills within it and were able to help me develop my knowledge of different icons etc. * Through the use of research and development techniques used to complete our documents I have developed more business strategic management skills.

Bad Experiences * The bad experiences with this task were few and far between however, I feel that a few members of my group were not at the same learning level as me and found it hard to understand some of my recommendations. * As well as them not being able to understand my recommendations it was tough when reading some of the group members inputs to different things as there work was documented at a lower standard than I would have liked to be working at. As most of my group had part time jobs the different allocated times in which we had set aside to work on the report were sometimes compromised as of a member’s job getting in the way. * Also the work effort in which a few of our members put in was also a hindrance throughout the completion of this report, it was a tough task for two group members to complete all of these tasks with other deadlines having to be met too. Analysis

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I believe that through the completion of this module I have gained many valuable skills and talents in which I reckon will benefit me in the future, being an aspiring entrepreneur, I have gained different skills that will help me in the future through the exploration of this organisations problems, problems such as lack of awareness and profile within the operating communities will be areas in which I will need to look at when I am setting my business up in different communities.

Along with the completion of the task I have gained abilities in which have helped me improve my group working skills and not let one member of the group drag the whole group down. As mentioned earlier I can also make use of the good experiences to enhance my ability when working in an organisation and I can also use the bad experiences to learn from my mistakes and make sure they do not occur when working on future projects.

I also feel that I have built upon my effective time management and work load management skills as I have successfully completed this work in conjunction with a number of other pieces in which have similar deadlines. Conclusion of learning experience I believe that within our group I fitted in as an implementer in who took each piece of information and put it into practice, I believe I am an implementer as I am interested in finding practical solutions as well as the fact that I am a disciplined and efficient.

I also believe that my group members seen me as an implementer as during numerous group meetings the group members would recommend suggestions to the business problems directly to me and I would either put them into words or explain why I didn’t think they were relevant to the subject. Action Plan If this problem arose again I think that I would implement what I have mentioned in the conclusion above. I like being provided with problems and asked to solve them as efficiently as possible, however in future I hope to work with a much more motivated group and a group in which all have a good grasp of the subject at hand.

Kolb’s Learning Cycle (1976) This learning cycle devised by Kolb’s has 4 different stages, these include: * Concrete Experiences * Reflective observation * Abstract Conceptualisation * Active Experimentation (Kolb, 1999) Within my case, the concrete experiences would be exactly what I have been reflecting on during this whole semester. It would be how the group work has aided me individually and also how the individual work has benefited me as a person.

Within the next stage of reflective observation this would be the feedback given from my group mates and lecturer about my individual performance, from this stage I will be able to gather information on how I have changed my methods of doing things, this stage is now the abstract conceptualization which is better known as the thinking stage, Finally I can then progress on to the final Active experimentation stage which is the implementation/testing stage in which I will test my way of learning by improving my methods using the feedback that I have been given.

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This model would keep repeating itself and as a result I would keep improving the way that I work in order to constantly increase efficiency and professionalism. Conclusion of Report I feel that the skills in which I have gained throughout completing this module will come in handy within future projects within university life along with the world of work.

Skills such as leadership and implementation will come in handy in the future as I will need them to succeed along with the confidence to portray my own ideas and feelings to my group and also being able to present in front of a group of my class mates, I believe that I will need to use these skills again throughout life and therefore they were vital for me to get the confidence in using them now. I also feel that if I was to implement Kolb’s learning cycle throughout all of my life that I would be sure to succeed in being efficient and up to date with all the skills needed to succeed.

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