GoT: House of the Dragon leaks thread (HUGE SPOILERS) (possible book spoilers) (2023)

Episode 1 summary

Cold open: Great Council of Harrenhal scene with older Rhaenyra's voiceover explaining what happened.

Title cards, beginning of episode proper nine years into the reign of Viserys I. Young Rhaenyra riding Syrax over King's Landing, returning from a pleasure ride. She lands at the Dragonpit where Harrold Westerling and Alicent are waiting, she then joins Alicent in a wheelhouse to be taken back to the keep. Rhaenyra visits pregnant Aemma before attending a council meeting where she is her father's cupbearer. They mainly discuss Daemon and the tournament to celebrate the Queen's pregnancy.

Cut to Red Keep garden where Alicent and Rhaenyra study together, Rhaenyra rips a page out of 'Ten Thousand Ships', Alicent sends this to Rhaenyra with the generous terms in the finale

Viserys visits Aemma who's in the bath, they discuss their unborn child and he tells her of his dream of a son on the Iron Throne with the crown of Aegon the Conqueror

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Cut to Daemon getting ready in some barracks and he and the City Watch raiding criminal hotspots around Flea Bottom

Cut to morning, Viserys is told of daemons pillaging in the small council. Otto clearly despised him. Daemon turns up and it's all very tense.

A bit later Daemon sits on the throne as Rhaenyra approaches, they talk in High Valyrain and he gifts her a Valyrian Steel pendant

Maesters attends to a nasty cut on Viserys (from the Iron Throne), they leech it

Daemon in a pleasure house with Mysaria, but he can't finish. People are watching them as they couple including Talya, a woman in Mysaria's personal spy network who plays a role throughout the season

Tourney begins. We see Viserys welcoming everyone and there's a few shots establishing who's there (Alicent, Rhaenyra, Corlys etc etc). Establishes that Aemma is in labor.

Daemon announced as first joust, he chooses Gwayne Hightower to be his opponent and he wins. He asks Alicent for her favour. Next is him and Criston Cole (not KG), Cole asks Rhaenyra for her favour after the win (Alicent bit jealous). He knocks him off his horse and daemon continues the fight on the ground. Cole manages to get dark sister off him with his morningstar, he wins. Daemon storms off. Otto rushes into royal box and delivers news of Aemma's birth complications to Viserys. He leaves to see her. She's in agony and there's clearly not gonna be a happy ending

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Back to the tourney we see Corbray, Tully, Tarly and Darklyn knights fight - Darklyn has his head caved in and the Tully is in agony with broken bones. As this happens, Rhaenyra and Alicent turn away from the horror and see a fuss in the royal box. Rhaenyra realizes her mother has died in childbirth. We cut to Viserys on Aemma's now empty birth bed, and the maester informs him Baelon has died also. Rhaenyra sees and runs away

Cut to the funeral on the Hill of Rhaenys. Rhaenyra is furious that Viserys's insistence on having a male heir cost Aemma's life. Daemon gently encourages her to light the pyre (by commanding Syrax)

Back in the Red Keep, Rhaenyra breaks down in Alicent's arms

The small council convenes to talk of succession, Otto suggests Rhaenyra, Corlys suggests Laenor, some stand by Daemon like Lord Strong. Viserys furiously screams "my wife and son are dead, I will not suffer the crows come to feast on their corpses" and storms out.

Otto speaks to Alicent and tells her to visit Viserys later to give him company, tells her to wear her late mother's dress

We see Daemon and Viserys in the throne room discussing the gods, dreams and ambition. Viserys is visibly concerned about Daemons wishes (the Conqueror and Targaryen god-like stuff). They embrace though and it's a nice brotherly moment at the beginning when Daemon tries to comfort Viserys

Daemon is in the pleasure house and makes the heir for a day toast - this was meant sincerely and not as a joke, it's just people started laughing which is why it was reported back to be a joyous declaration (it wasn't intended)

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Alicent visits Viserys and tells him how she wished people would talk to her without riddles when her mother died, and that she's sorry for his loss

Otto hears about the toast from Daemon and informs Viserys at the small council. Everyone is shocked and he is enraged Daemon is brought to the throne room before Viserys and asked if it's true what was said. Daemon says "we must all mourn in our own way". They argue and Daemon is banished to live with his wife at Runestone and declared no longer his heir (the scene in the teaser where Viserys grasps Blackfyre) Viserys and Rhaenyra talk about Targaryen power and Aegon's dream in front of the altar for Balerion. He informs her that she will be his heir and speaks of the prophecy passed down by Aegon (White Walkers).

Episode 2: Criston Cole is appointed to the Kingsguard. There is pressure for Viserys to marry. Mysaria is pregnant and Daemon attempts steals an egg from Dragonstone. Otto Hightower and the kingsguard confronts him at the bridge scene you can see in the trailers. Rhaenyra & Syrax help to stop Daemon. Mysaria later miscarries. Daemon visits Corlys to blow off steam. At court Alicent's betrothal to Viserys is announced, Rhaenyra is shocked and enraged to find she had been having private audiences with him. They remain friends but there are cracks in their relationship now. Laena is upset at not being picked to marry Viserys. Vhagar notices her sadness and Laena claims her.

Episode 3:

~3 years have passed.

Daemon is fighting w/ Caraxes in the Stepstones. Lord Jason Lannister is vying for Rhaenyra's hand. A royal hunt is held to celebrate toddler Aegon's name day. Viserys confesses to Alicent that he has doubts about the succession. Alicent and Rhaenyra are still trying to be friends. Alicent is defensive when her ladies insult Rhaenyra to suck up to her. Rhaenyra storms off on horseback. Criston saves her from a wild boar. Rhaenyra savagely kills the wounded animal. Viserys finds a normal hart instead of the white hart he was seeking, seeing it as omen that he should not change heirs. Rhaenyra and Criston see the white hart and leave it alive. Otto pressures Viserys to name Aegon heir but he reaffirms it's Rhaenyra. Viserys sends aid to Daemon in the Stepstones and there is a huge battle involving the with, Corlys, Vaemond, Laenor, Seasmoke, Velaryon soldiers, Targaryen volunteer force, vs the Triarchy, and their commander Craghas Drahar is killed

Episode 4: A fight breaks out between Rhaenyra's many suiters. One of the Brackens is killed(lol, I hope it's by a Blackwood).

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Daemon returns as King of the Stepstones to reconcile with his brother(That shot in the trailer where he's wearing a full suit of armor and a crown). Alicent and Rhaenyra take about their missed friendship while Alicent is taking care of baby/toddler Helaena. Daemon flirts with Rhaenyra, leading her through the secret passageways into Flea Bottom. They watch people have sex in the brothel. As they begin to themselves, Daemon stops and leaves. A still "horny" Rhaenyra goes to Criston and either through seduction of rape by coercion(I can't tell), he sleeps with her. A spy working for Mysaria(Red Woman/Varys combo character) has been watching everything and tells the King. Despite Rhaenyra's denials that she slept with Daemon, Daemon is exiled from court for 'spoiling' Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra agrees to marry Laenor on the condition that Otto is removed as Hand.

Episode 5:

Lord Lyonel Strong appointed the new Hand, Lady Rhea Royce dies in an accident. Rhaenyra and Laenor's wedding scheduled to take place on Driftmark. The bride and groom agree (before wedding) to 'make an heir and then dine as they see fit'. Larys tells Alicent that Rhaenyra was given moon tea. She is shocked and gets Criston to admit to sleeping with Rhaenyra by accident. At the wedding she wears a shade of green which is explained to be from the ancient war banners of the Kingdom of the Reach. Daemon is still allowed on Driftmark. He has flirts with Rhaenyra and Laena as well. Ser Joffrey Lonmouth is killed by Criston after Joffrey tells him about the moon tea. Criston confesses his sins at a godswood and prepares to commit suicide. Alicent finds him praying and saves his life. Wedding is a very rushed and quiet ceremony after all the chaos.

Episode 6:

10 year time skip

Jace and Luke have been born in the timeskip. Daeron is a page/ward in Oldtown. He will be offscreen this season. Joffrey Velaryon is presented to the king and queen. Alicent softly tells Laenor 'keep trying, you may get one who looks like you'. Harwin is present as Jace and Luke choose an egg for the baby. Rhaenyra proposes a reconciliation deal to Alicent, suggesting a marriage between one of her sons and Helaena while also offering an egg from Syrax to Aemond. Alicent distrust her and says no. Aegon, Jacaerys and Lucerys bully Aemond for not having a dragon. He attempts to claim Dreamfyre (Helaena's future dragon) but is burned. Alicent is furious at her Jace & Luke as well as Aegon. She visits Aegon and tells him to change his behavior as one day he will be king. Daemon and Laena are happily married with 2 daughters and fly together. Laena died in childbirth. Harwin and Criston fight causing Harwin to be dismissed from court. The fire of Harrenhal kills The Strong's. In their grief Jacaerys asks if his mother if Harwin was really his father when they are alone and she tells him the truth. Rhaenyra's family then settles on Dragonstone to live away from rumors.

Episode 7: Laena's funeral on Driftmark. Daemon and Rhaenyra begin an affair while Laenor still alive. Rhaena, Laena's daughter, wants to claim Vhagar to honor her mother's memory. At the funeral Aemond claims Vhagar and the fight breaks out between Jace, Luke, Baela,Rhaena, and Aemond. Admin's eye is cut out. After learning about it, Alicent runs at Rhaenyra with LF's Valyrian steel dagger(you've seen it in the trailer) and ends up accidentally cutting Rhaenyras face. Rhaenyra laughs and says, "exhausting wasn't it, putting on that facade for so long". Alicent is later regretful during a conversation with Otto. I think might be the "We play an ugly game, you have the determination to win it" scene in the teaser. Laenor fights with Qarl Correy. Rhaenyra and Corlys find their bodies. A Rhaenyra and Daemon marry in an elaborate Valyrian ceremony that involves blood rites of making an extremely deep cut as their souls are bound together.

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Episode 8: Timejump of a few years, Aegon the Younger and Viserys the Younger have been born as well as the children of Aegon and Helaena. Viserys I is bedbound and Alicent has control of the court. Aegon is fucking his mother and sister's maid. Alicent slaps Aegon in private and forces the maid to drink moon tea. She apologizes to Helaena for having to marry her brother. Corlys is near death after a battle with the Kingdom of the Three Daughter. Vaemond arrives at court, saying that he should be the next Lord of the Tides as Laenor had no heirs. Rhaenys makes a counter claim saying that would make Baela the rightful heir as she is his daughter's daughter. Her lingering resentment over the great council of Harrenhall is alluded to. Rhaenyra and Daemon arrive, claiming that all of her children are legitimate and that as Jace will be king of the Iron throne someday, Lucerys should should have Driftmark. Viserys surprises everyone when he appears, strong enough to get out of bed. Rhaenys and Rhaenyra combine their claims by arranging the marriage of Baela to Jace and Rhaena to Luke. An enraged Vaemond calls Rhaenyra a whore and her children bastards. Daemon executes him for treason. Alicent is terrified. A family feast of reconciliation is held where peace is thought to be made. Alicent toasts Rhaenyra as the future queen. Viserys returns to bed and Aemond gives the "Strong boys" toast after Luke embarrasses him. A fight breaks out. Rhaenyra and Daemon return to Dragonstone with their children. Rhaenyra is planning to return and make peace with Alicent. Viserys speaks to Alicent while on milk of the poppy thinking she is Rhaenyra and the misunderstanding makes Alicent think that he is naming Aegon II as his heir with his dying breath. In fact, he is attempt to speak to Rhaenyra about her own legacy and passing the throne to Jacaerys one day. After she leaves the room, Viserys dies alone

Episode 9: The body is discovered and Alicent is informed. Everyone who knows is imprisoned. Rhaenys is still at court and is locked in her own chambers. Green council convenes and Lord Beesbury killed. Alicent sends the Cargyll to find Aegon in Flea Bottom. His bastard child by a commoner is shown. Aegon breaks down when asked to usurp. Criston arrives and convinces Aegon to take the crown. While the coronation ceremony is prepared, Erryk takes advantage of the distraction so that he can follow his true allegiances. He helps Rhaenys escape and they steal Viserys's crown together, she flees on Meleys and rides with Erryk behind her. The masses are confused and some calling out for Rhaenyra as Aegon and Haelana ride through the streets during their coronation. The loyalist lords who refuse to abandon their oaths are purged.

Episode 10 (finale): Daemon tells a pregnant Rhaenyra that Viserys is dead and Aegon II had been crowned. She goes into premature labor and gives birth to a twisted dragon-child. Daemon uses Caraxes to force the Kingsguard on Dragonstone to swear to Rhaenyra. A funeral is held for their still born child just before Rhaenyra is crowned with the crown of Viserys that Rhaenys stole (Aegon II crowned with Aegon I's crown). First Black Council is held. Otto arrives on Dragonstone with the 'generous terms' of her remaining Lady of Dragonstone if she swears before Aegon as her new king. He says Luke can also keep Driftmark. Alicent sends the page of a book that she and Rhaenyra read in ep 1 to remind her of their former friendship. At the council chamber in private Rhaenyra tells Daemon she is considering peace over war due to the responsibility of the House to prepare for the great threat from the north and he is furious that no-one told him before. He goes to the beach and releases a lifetime of emotion. Corlys finally recovers from his wounds and Rhaenys tells him everything that has happened after the beginning of ep 8, he declares for Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra and Jace also speak about the terms and Jace says that he feels that the Greens would not keep the terms for too long. Plans are made to speak to Lady Jeyne Arryn, Lord Cregan Stark, and Lord Borros Baratheon and Jace and Luke volunteer to personally deliver the words on dragonback. Rhaenyra reluctantly agrees, Daemon sings to Vermithor (dragon of Jaehaerys I) telling him he will find a new rider. Rhaenyra sees off her sons Lucerys arrives at Storm's End and sees Vhagar has arrived, Aemond is there and demands an eye. Borros stops the fighting but lets Aemond follow him outside and the dragon duel happens where Luke is killed with Arrax. (Jake not seen, Jeyne and Cregan are Season 2 castings and his mission will be in the next premiere) Daemon tells Rhaenyra of Luke's death and she has war in her eyes, end of Season 1.


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